Monday, March 10, 2008

The Necks at The Street Theatre

The Necks played The Street Theatre back in February and Jeremy and I went along (his take). Eric was also there and wrote an interesting review for the Canberra Jazz blog that I've just come across:

"haunting, mesmeric, hypnotic"

"Ambient and minimal; hypnotic and attractive; mysterious and tonally deceptive; beautiful and even refreshing."

I don't know that I'm with Eric on "refreshing" though, particularly regarding their first piece/set. I think I'm more with the guy who wanted to laugh in response to the sensory overload; at the time I think I described it as "the soundtrack from a nightmare" or somesuch, so if I had laughed it would have been more of a hyperventilated crazed cackle. I much preferred the second piece; it evoked a summer storm with rain on a tin roof for me.

"Ambient is not something I’d choose every night, but The Necks were engrossing and satisfying and much recommended."

Definitely engrossing, but I could only recommend The Necks to folk who're open to the unorthodox, or ambient soundscape performance veterans.

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